The Land Of Bliss

“…a really lovely and intriguing take on the fairy tale genre…” SP

Paperback released August 2017 – Amazon

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eBook released August 2017 – Kindle; Apple iTunes; Smashwords

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Contact: Keith Brazil – Author

The Land Of Bliss by Keith Brazil.


‘The Land of Bliss’ is a fairy tale set in a magical world where stories hold secrets, spells are made to be broken and people are not always what they seem. Three old friends travel south to the jutted Land of Awe where they meet the last of the Fairy Folk, the Family Rose and the Townspeople trapped in a curse. A young schoolteacher, Miss Beret, lives under a protective ‘Spell of Forgetfulness’. Her pupil, Raoulf Littlesøn, does not realise that the fate of fairy tales awaits him. Her long lost brother, Mayor Bear, wants to close the last magical school. All their stories entwine through an enchanted doorknob, a resurrecting Witch and a singing Princess. This is the story of a murderous wood. This is the story of stepmothers both bad and good. This is the story of Rose Pink.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Keith Brazil – ‘creative life’ author – was born in Broadstairs, Kent, England. He trained in Dance Theatre at Laban Trinity Conservatoire, London, and was a founder member of ‘Adventures In Motion Pictures’ Dance Company. He has worked as a freelance professional dancer, choreographer, teacher, and dance lecturer. Keith has also trained as a complementary therapist in spiritual healing and reflexology. He gained a degree in English Studies and is currently engaged in writing a collection of fictional and non-fictional stories, essays, poetry and novels. He lives and works in London.


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