The following is a selection of my books:

The Land Of Bliss

‘The Land of Bliss’ is a fairy tale set in a magical world where stories hold secrets, spells are made to be broken and people are not always what they seem.

Three old friends travel south to the jutted Land of Awe where they meet the last of the Fairy Folk, the Family Rose and the Townspeople trapped in a curse.

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The Wilderness Diary – Second Edition

The Wilderness Diary charts the struggle and conflict arising out of personal sorrow and present world crises. For 40 days and 40 nights, a magical adept goes AWOL from life and from the Raven Agency at The Tower, London.

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The Alchemist’s Wedding

A novitiate Alchemist gives a wedding speech reflecting on the wonder of joy and the predicament of love…

Beyond conception and perception, this speech ultimately becomes a blending of Gloria Gaynor (I Am What I Am) meets God (I Am That I Am) and she was almost right in that she was what she was (whatever that ‘what’ might have been!)
Two things cannot alter, since Time was, not today.
The flowing of water, and Love’s strange, sweet way.
— (Japanese saying)
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The Chameleon’s Last Dance

Join the revellers in a bawdy ‘world of men’, between Christmas and New Year, as a somnambulist chameleon, a dancing bear and ten lords-a-leaping prance into a bag of glees and good tidings at the retro-Hustler’s Ball.

Swirling through music, memories of childhood, places, teenage years, TV characters, and friends, past and present, can the chameleon trance-dance through fire and attain the state of ‘Mok’sha’?

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Popcorn, Parasites, Precious & Pearls

A metaphysical comedy of the vices! Explore elements of spiritual philosophy during the journey of a Soul’s perilous plunge.

Look at the impurities and insecurities behind the Pearl, the Parasites, and the Pleasure of Man’s consuming habits.

Go over the rainbow with the juicy-fruit gaming community, meet God, get dropped off in a bar down Mexico way before stumbling out into the darkness of a cave to explore the final mystery.

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In Consideration of Cats

“Everybody wants to be a cat!” In Consideration of Cats is an essay and meditation on an aspect of joy and the wonderment of cats. A collection of notes, observations, insights and poems reflecting on the behaviour, nature and antics of cats and the healing that the world of our feline friends can bring us.

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