‘The Wilderness Diary’ charts the struggle and conflict arising out of personal sorrow and present world crises. For 40 days and 40 nights, a magical adept goes AWOL from life and from the Raven Agency at The Tower, London. Painfully lost after the death of his father, he is haunted by ravens and wanders into city madness. In the urban wasteland of his heart he finds an isolated broken world as he takes to the rooftops to build himself an aerie. Inadvertently casting an ancient ‘Spell of Snakes’ he becomes guided by old world messengers. The guardian goddesses of the Moon and the Night Sky offer supernatural solutions. He becomes a sin eater passing through the veil and steals metal and injury from out of time as he meets with historical characters, fantastical creatures, gods and enlightened beings. Through inspirational speeches, fragments of world news and weather, and reflection on the process of shedding, ‘The Wilderness Diary’ turns from transformational personal account into expression of present day Gaia-consciousness.

The evolution of the Earth and those on the planet is changing. Can he survive the jump and make the transition? And what to do with all the stolen metal artefacts he has accumulated? This is his heart’s story.

What the critics are saying about The Wilderness Diary
  • A fine work of Art. This stream of consciousness novel takes the reader on a Journey to the dark night of the soul and beyond…Jack O Roe
  • Epic, spellbinding and healing…Marysia
  • A most unique, though provoking, heart-felt, challenging, emotionally moving and likely controversial read…Zippy
  • A book like no other! A strikingly original book that takes readers on a roller-coaster ride through the real world and alternative worlds and through the human unconscious. Read it for a unique experience!James Hillard

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