A metaphysical comedy of the vices! Explore elements of spiritual philosophy during the journey of a Soul’s perilous plunge.

Look at the impurities and insecurities behind the Pearl, the Parasites, and the Pleasure of Man’s consuming habits.

Go over the rainbow with the juicy-fruit gaming community, meet God, get dropped off in a bar down Mexico way before stumbling out into the darkness of a cave to explore the final mystery.

1. Pure Madness2. Annual Review3. Mezcal - con gusano4. The Cave of Darkness

Will our gambling Hero, compelled by need, greed and spinning madness, risk his shirt and soul to battle the fruit, collect the bananas and find the golden rainbow riches?

High in a Cloud Nine Office, can our Hero, the reluctant Sky Recruit, survive his first meeting with Big Boss, Mr G?

Our pleasure-loving Hero stumbles into a Mexican bar where a chance meeting with a magical Mezcal Worm unravels the nature of addictions.

Failing to see the light, our Hero falls through a Door of Darkness. Can he finally grasp the Mystery of the Cave?

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