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In Consideration of Cats

“It is a fact, a simple fact, that you cannot distract a cat from its singular attraction…”

A collection of observational drawings, poems and notes, A to Z, from the writing desk on the joy and wonder of cats.

Paperback released November 2012 – Amazon

£5.99/ $7.99/ €6.99

eBook released November 2013 – Kindle; Apple iTunes; Smashwords

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Contact: Keith Brazil – Author

In Consideration Of Cats by Keith Brazil, illustrated by Colin Francolino-Scott, Michael Brazil, & Keith Brazil.

STORY: “Everybody wants to be a cat!” In Consideration of Cats is an essay and meditation on an aspect of joy and the wonderment of cats. A collection of notes, observations, insights and poems reflecting on the behaviour, nature and antics of cats and the healing that the world of our feline friends can bring us.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Keith Brazil – ‘creative life’ author – was born in Broadstairs, Kent, England. He trained in Dance Theatre at Laban Trinity Conservatoire, London, and was a founder member of ‘Adventures In Motion Pictures’ Dance Company. He has worked as a freelance professional dancer, choreographer, teacher, and dance lecturer. Keith has also trained as a complementary therapist in spiritual healing and reflexology. He gained a degree in English Studies and is currently engaged in writing a collection of fictional and non-fictional stories, essays, poetry and novels. He lives and works in London.


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