Theosophy = divine wisdom. The investigation into the mysteries of Being, Nature and Supernature (the Divine) that aids our individual enlightenment and world progress. The Seeker’s journey into understanding the bonds that unite the natural universe, humanity and the divine. The Wilderness Diary touches on aspects from the Old Persian religion of Mithra – and the Zoroastrian yazata / angelic divinity.

The following articles on Esotericism and Theosophy are quoted from Wikipedia – the free encyclopaedia – and gives a general overview of the characteristics of Esotericism and Theosophy.

Esotericism (from Wikipedia)

Correspondence: Everything in Nature is a sign. The signs of Nature can be read. The microcosm and macrocosm interplay. Synchronicity exists, and can be found as signs from Nature and may lead to the understanding of the divine.

Nature is Alive: It is not just correlations between pieces of matter. It is a living entity that will, and does, surge and evolve through its expanding self, replete with dynamic flows of energy and light.

Imagination and mediations: Imaginations as a power that provides access to worlds and levels of reality intermediary between the material world and the divine.

Experience of Transmutation: The Gnosis and illuminations of self and mind performing a transmutation of consciousness. The birth of an awareness, a second new life becomes born.

Practice of Concordance: Primordial Tradition. Studying traditions, religions etc. seeking the common one Root from which all esoteric knowledge grows.

Transmission: Master-Disciple, master-Initiate, initiation into the Occult.

Theosophy (from Wikipedia)

Divine/Human/Nature Triangle: The inspired analysis which circles through these three angles. The intradivine within; the origin, death and placement of the human relating to Divinity and Nature; Nature as alive, the external, intellectual and material. All three complex correlations synthesize via the intellect and imaginative processes of Mind.

Primacy of the Mythic: The creative Imagination, an external world of symbols, glyphs, myths, synchronicities and the myriad, along with image, all as a universal reality for the interplay conjoined by creative mind.

Access to Supreme Worlds: The awakening within, inherently possessing the faculty to directly connect to the Divine world(s). The existence of a special human ability to create this connection. The ability to connect and explore all levels of reality; co-penetrate the human with the divine; to bond to all reality and experience a unique inner awakening.