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By tapping in to the unprecedented possibilities for global people power that new social media technologies allow, All Out is building a truly global community able to respond to moments of crisis and opportunity, to advance the lives and freedoms of LGBT people everywhere.

From the blogosphere to social networks to email inboxes, All Out runs multilingual real-time campaigns to inform, educate, and engage the public. In less than a year All Out has worked to halt the deportation of a lesbian Ugandan asylum seeker in the UK, organized to defend the immigration rights of bi-national same sex couples, called global attention to homophobic and trans violence in Brazil, and helped organized unprecedented pressure at the United Nations to push forward a historic resolution on LGBT equality. Over half a million around the world went All Out with us to stop the ‘Kill the Gays’ bill in Uganda, dozens joined our flash mob in Germany to protest homophobia at the Women’s World Cup, and tens of thousands are pushing Facebook, the social networking giant, to recognize and respect trans identities.

From the halls of government to corporate boardrooms, from news rooms to living rooms, All Out members are making their voices heard and supporting and amplifying the work of existing local and international LGBT organizations. As a nimble campaigning organization, All Out reacts quickly to developing stories in the news cycle important to LGBT people, and looks for new and creative ways to tell those stories ourselves in every language, medium and culture. Our goal is to help the global LGBT movement achieve in 10 years what might take 30 or more years to accomplish based on current global trends, and to instigate the kinds of fresh and dynamic popular discussions around diversity and LGBT equality that improve and enrich the lives of people everywhere.

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