Christmas Charity – RSPCA – In Consideration Of Cats


Meow, now, how…

Hello fellow cat lovers… Cosmo Chaussette here, the world’s foremost darling of the cat world. In the run up to Christmas I and my pet human (author of the delightful 5-star ‘In Consideration of Cats’) will be donating 50 pence per book from all world sales in November and December 2014 to the RSPCA charity.

Whether paperback or ebook, this charming glimpse into the world of cat culture will be benefiting our feline friends across the nation. So, spread the butter onto your paws, roll in the catnip and jump over the neighbour’s fence to get hold of the purr-fect, whisker-licking Christmas present. Available from Amazon, iTunes, Kobo and Smashwords. All in a good cause and the best possible of taste.

Ciao! Ciao! for now… Cosmo x

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