Solstice – Celebration of Kate Bush

Hi All

I hope you had a wonderful Solstice… the Moon was magnificent, semi-draped with dramatic clouds, but bright and intense hanging over the City – London. I wandered down to enjoy a midnight sing-a-long with Cloudbusting (a tribute band to Kate Bush) at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern. It was great to hear Kate’s music live… some of those rhythms are so dance-infectious and other stuff sheer poetry for the soul!

A great night… Kate has been such a huge influence, her interesting music and her wonderful inspiration. One of the lines from Lionheart became a central thread when I was writing The Wilderness Diary. “Our thumping hearts hold the Ravens in / and keep the Tower from tumbling…”

After I had heard about my Father’s passing I became haunted by images of the Raven… and thus began my withdrawal into the mad-City landscape of the Diary’s Magical Adept. I had no conscious knowledge of what was to ensue, but I had to follow the mighty birds on their journey…

My Father’s heart had stopped thumping, so my Tower had to fall and Kate’s words came back to inform my interior setting…

Wishing you all a wonderful start to Gaia’s first summer within Eternity’s New Spring. One more Mystical Moon before the new harmonics are all in place so enjoy the June-July bliss.

Keith x

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