Hi there Fellow Psychonauts, Planetary Wanderers and Friends,

This is my first blog post to welcome you to my site. The picture is of the Himalayas that I took from a small plane whilst on my travels in India and Nepal. The saying was given to me as I watched the dawn break over the mountains. I thought I was on the moon – the landscape was so lunar, pure and compassionate. Truly the ‘Roof of the World’.

I hope Life is filling you full of wonder and that your adventures and travels are bringing you joy. This is just a brief hello in case you have stumbled upon the site or whether you are one of the first readers to have discovered my book dedicated to Gaia The Wilderness Diary – published 21st December 2012 via the Amazon CreateSpace Team – and are looking for more info.

It’s all been quite a journey and learning curve to get to this point… so bear with me as I get up to speed with the Virtual World! I’ll be posting regular updates and answering any questions via my blog so stay tuned.

Meanwhile, check out the gallery for some sample drawings from The Wilderness Diary.

Here’s to the magic…

Keith x

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